The foam compressor tells you how to recycle polystyrene plastic

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Because of its good water resistance, heat insulation, insulation, low moisture absorption and strong seismic strength, as well as its light, solid, easy to form, low price and other characteristics, it is widely used in the fields of packaging, moisturizing, waterproof, heat insulation, shock absorption, decoration, catering, etc., and penetrated into all sectors of the global economy.

In response to this thorny environmental problem, FAMOUS machinery has spent decades of manpower and material research and development to launch the CF series of polyolon compressor, specially used to crush large volume of foam waste, and compress the volume reduction of polyolon waste. At present, the mainstream method of recycling and reusing the waste polystyrene foam is to use polyoli compressor to crush it and press it. After shrinkage, regeneration granulation becomes another material particle, which can be another new material after processing.


For the above mentioned recovery and reuse method, the general practice is to break the polystyrene waste through the foam compressor. After the volume reduction, the foam material will enter the screw device. The screw will be extruded into blocks by screw hydraulic principle. Because the compressor is cold pressed, it will not cause two pollution. The performance of the compressing material is better, and it can be high in the market, sell to recyclers.

At the same time of providing advanced technology, we also provide perfect recycling and treatment scheme of polystyrene. Welcome to consult and test the foam compressor at any time.