Maintenance of FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam cold presser

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FAMOUS is a well-known brand in the field of foam recovery in China. If a good quality machine is properly maintained, it will be able to run properly for a long time and continuously create economic benefits and reduce maintenance costs later.

(1) Wires and cables shall be protected from damage, corrosion, excessive bending, etc.

(2) In order to prevent it from knotting, in the end, do not get dirty in the dirty place.

(3) Wires and cables shall be in good lubrication condition.

(4) Check the quality of wires when replacing them.

(5) If one sixth of the cables are broken, they should be replaced.

(6) Regularly check the sealing condition of the joints and high-pressure hoses in the cylinder.

(7) No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used in the oil cylinder, and no impurity more than 0.06mm is allowed to enter. It is recommended to change the oil once a year.

(8) Clean the filter screen of oil tank regularly.

(9) Cut off the power supply. The piston rod must contract in the cylinder.

(10) When the riser is folded, the moving parts including hydraulic cylinder, pulley and upper (lower) slide block must be fixed.

(11) Check whether there is any oil drop on the hydraulic system every 40 days, and conduct it regularly to prevent leakage due to joint loosening caused by mechanical vibration.

(12) Before the hydraulic system was transferred from the factory, the hydraulic system had changed. Check the level of hydraulic oil regularly. When it is lower than the oil label, add hydraulic oil until the level between the oil labels.

(13) When the cold compressor is used for one year, replace it with new hydraulic oil.

(14) Every 60 days, the lubricating oil shall be added to the transmission parts of the reducer and the screw, as well as the transmission bearing of the crusher, so as to prevent the component damage caused by dry friction.

(15) Every 60 days, the screws on the connecting parts of the machine should be tightened to prevent the screws from loosening caused by the vibration of the machine.

(16) According to the working environment and cleaning of PLC cable plug, the soot will blow the electronic control box regularly.

(17) Regularly check whether there is dust on the photoelectric switch, and clean it if there is.

(18) Regularly check whether the wires are connected in the correct way.  If the wire is damaged or aged, proper measures must be taken.

(19) Regularly check whether the components can work normally. If any part is burned or damaged, replace it.

As long as you pay attention to maintenance when you are using the machine, this environmental protection foam compressor will definitely bring great help and convenience to your foam recovery business. You are welcome to consult with suzhou famous machinery foam compressor equipment manufacturer.