Foam cold presser helps you solve the problem of foam melting

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We all know that the old foam is large, light and inconvenient to transport. Many customers need many times to compress the foam volume and density, which is conducive to the recycling of foam. Taking the environmental protection foam cold press as an example, the spare parts are all used in the world's top 500 brands, including SIEMENS, NSK, Schneider electric and so on, which effectively guarantees the machine's life and operation safety&guarantee.


The working principle of the foam cold press is to compress the waste foam plastics with cold compression and prevent melting, which is different from the working principle of the hot-melt machine. The core technology of the foam cold press is to use the screw to compress the amount of water vapor in the air and decide by the temperature of the compressed air.

Due to the lack of active investment in foam cold press equipment and the need of logistics system, a lot of waste foam materials are not effectively recycled. The main reason is that the density of polystyrene foam plastic wrap is low. Considering transportation and storage costs, it can not be well collected. After being compacted by foam cold press, the density of the foam waste can be greatly reduced to the original 1/50. Under this technology, the extruded foam compressing block can be a high-quality recyclable foam compression block.


Many people worry about the problem of foam melting in the process of compression. FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam cold compactor can be well solved. First, after the foam cold press is processed, the foam waste can reduce the size of EPS foam material, and the compression ratio is large. It can reach 1:50 and can be widely used in the plastics industry for recycling granulation.