Why is it worth investing in FAMOUS foam hot melting machine?

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FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY HM foam hot-melting machine is a professional equipment for the compression of EPS waste foam plastics. According to the principle of compression and mechanical structure, the foam recycling processing equipment using screw hot melt technology is called EPS waste foam hot-melt machine. The principle is to compress the EPS foam into a block by heating the screw. When used, the staff only throws the waste foam into the hopper, and the built-in spiral grinding knife inside the machine will automatically break the foam block according to the power and the density of the material. After the volume reduction, the waste foam plastic will enter into the EPS foam, and then the small piece of the EPS foam will be melted into a EPS hot melt cake with a density of up to 5. Professional customization of various spare parts, such as automatic water-cooling system, not only reduces air pollution, but also maintains the material properties of EPS compressed materials to a certain extent, which is a precious source of raw materials for industrial products.

In response to the relevant policies of the State Environmental Protection Department, the company has specially installed exhaust pipe devices, which greatly reduced the air pollution caused by the foam in the process of hot melting. FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam recycling equipment has been constantly innovating technology, serving customers at home and abroad with advanced technology and leading environmental protection concepts. The development of waste foam processing and recycling equipment has made remarkable achievements.


FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam hot-melting machine is divided into HM50, HM100, HM200 and HM400 according to the production capacity. It has the advantages of large production, high compression ratio, low power consumption, low noise, low energy consumption, convenient operation and low maintenance cost. It can help users save late maintenance costs, and the hot melt compressed cake can be sold at a high price for the market to create greater profit margins. The machine is easy to operate, 1-2 people can operate, low investment cost, suitable for new investment entrepreneurs, environmental protection industry is bound to be a sunrise industry in our country in the future. Investing in a professional foam hot melt recycling processing equipment can not only reduce the high cost of foam waste treatment, protect the environment, but also create more economic value. Why not?