Working principle of foam cold pressing machine

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In recent years, with the vigorous advocacy of environmental protection and energy conservation, styrene foam plastics have received extensive attention and demand in the field of industrial foam recovery. The recycling of polystyrene waste foam plastics not only protects the earth's environment, but also has immeasurable value of regeneration. It is a material that can really turn waste into treasure. Its main ways of recycling are: Granulation after volume reduction, producing beautiful frames, frames, damaged, used as various filling materials, cracking oil or recovering useful styrene and other useful chemical raw materials.


(1) Foam compressors, foam cold compressors, environment-friendly foam compressors, no noise and no smell, can be used for granulation after volume reduction. Polystyrene foam can be granulated by screw hydraulic block to make recycled pellets. We know that polystyrene foam bags are huge in size, and about 95% of the quality is air. When EPS polystyrene foam is recycled, volume reduction is needed. At present, the main means of reducing the volume of waste foam plastics at home and abroad are as follows: there are mechanical methods (namely, using foam cold press), solvent method (chemical method, high cost, not widely popularized) and heating method (EPS foam melting machine).

(2) As a filler after damage, polystyrene foam plastic products can be used as filler after damage and made into various products.


The working principle of EPS polystyrene foam compressor:

When the EPS foam compressor is used, the operator only throws the foam block into the hopper, and the crushing knife of the machine will automatically break the foam block according to the set power time. Then the screw arrangement will squeeze the small EPS foam into a compact square section. The foam compressor adopts cold pressing principle, and the whole process of compressing the block does not need to be specially heated. There is a pressure scheduling device at the front of the compression section to schedule the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of the materials, the contraction ratio can reach 40-50 times. When dealing with foam waste, the use of foam compressors can effectively reduce foam volume, reduce storage space and transport capital. The EPS polystyrene foam compressor is specially used for recycling foam waste. It is easy to operate and maintain, reduces the cost of garbage disposal, saves storage space, and saves transportation and storage costs. The compressed EPS foam material is easy to reuse, saving manpower cost, precise technology and advanced environmental protection concept. A Union environmental protection foam compressor can make your enterprise have no trouble of foaming garbage in a few years.