FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam compressor safety and power saving capacity

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As we all know, nowadays, more and more countries attach importance to environmental protection and sustainable economic development mode. The products produced by FAMOUS  environmental protection machinery company are mainly used in the recycling and recycling industry of waste foam plastics. According to the different processing methods, they are mainly divided into foam cold press and foam melting machine. At the same time, they adopt the core technology of Europe and America and the advanced environmental protection concept, hoping to be the ring of the motherland. Make a contribution to the insurance industry.

This is also a sunrise industry that has been vigorously supported by the state in recent years. The joint crown environmental protection machinery responds to the policies of the state and benefits the people of the motherland. It will never be wrong. Here we introduce the operation techniques of foam compressor equipment for the customers. The special point of the foam compressor is that it can reduce the volume of the waste foam plastic package and compress and recycle the granulation. According to the different production capacity, the waste foam cold press developed by FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY can be divided into 3 models. The capacity of 50kg/100kg/200kg per hour can be selected by customers according to their own needs.

In addition, the production technology of foam compressors is mainly to crush the foam waste, and to compress the waste foam into a very high density EPS compression block after being hydraulically extruded into blocks. The density can reach 50-90:1. In the modern society where energy is so scarce, the foam compression and recovery equipment that can recycle and reuse resources will be a major trend of industrial production. The service life and efficiency of the foam compressor can be divided into one price and one point. The equipment outside the small plant is cheap, but there is no guarantee after sale. Secondly, the quality of products is not enough. If the relevant quality supervision and environmental protection department of the state is to examine it, it is very difficult to pass it, so choosing a good quality recycling equipment is definitely a wise move.

Today is the Internet consumption mode, with the development of the economy, people's consumption level has been greatly improved. This greatly increases the demand of the industrial packaging industry. For many resources, how to better use it has become our development goal. The foam plastic recycling industry has become the key direction of the development of various industries, of which the foam compressor is recycled plastic foam. One of the important promoters of the foam industry development, with the emergence of more and more new foam compression capacity reduction equipment, the serious waste plastic foam pollution in the past can be well handled properly.

It is much more scientific than the traditional landfilling and burning in China. In order to pollute the waste, many countries in the world begin to use the waste. As a new world economic power, China can't lag behind other countries. At this stage, FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY has developed a number of new functions of the foam recovery equipment, safe, power saving, environmental protection, has a variety of models, customized services, integrated, split, small, large, complete.