/ Film pelletizing production line to Indonesia 

27/Oct 2023

Famous Machinery Company latest film pelletizing production line is exported to Indonesia, the customer met our company at the Chinaplas exhibition 10 years ago, and came to visit our factory at that time.

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/ FHM400 foam melting machine to Belarus 

24/Oct 2023

A customer in Belarus recently purchased a FHM400 foam melting machine, because the local government in Belarus vigorously developed waste foam recycling.

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/ EPE cold press machine to Greek client 

20/Oct 2023

Recently, our company delivered an EPE cold press machine to our client in Eastern Europe.

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/ Foam cold presser machine is safe, electricity saving and low energy consumption 

20/Sep 2023

With the rapid growth of social economy, at present we have entered the Internet era, people's consumption habits have changed dramatically, only through mobile phones can buy products from all over the country, which will inevitably lead to the rapid development of logistics industry.

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/ Plastic Crushing System For Brazilian Customer 

31/Aug 2023

Recently, our company has shipped a plastic crushing system for PVC profile&pipes.

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/ Shredder And Crusher Machines To The United States  

22/Aug 2023

Our company recently shipped a batch of shredder and crusher machines to the United States, catering to customers in the rubber tire recycling industry.

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/ A Three Stage Wet Films Pelletizing Line To Saudi Arabia 

21/Aug 2023

Our company recently shipped a three stage wet films pelletizing line to a country in Middle East. This machine is mainly used for wet pp pe film granulation that have been thoroughly cleaned and have a high water content.

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/ Foam Hot Melt Machine Has Shipped to Eastern European Customer 

18/Aug 2023

The foam hot melt machine purchased by our Eastern European customer has been successfully shipped. The foam hot melt machine is equipped with a cutting-edge automatic feeding system, which utilizes a robust belt conveyor.

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/ Comprehensive introduction about the plastic recycling machine 

04/Aug 2023

Our company is proud to offer an extensive range of high-quality and professional plastic machinery, including plastic shredders, plastic crushers, plastic pelletizers, plastic washing lines, eps foam melting machines, eps foam compactor machines, and eps foam pelletizers. Our products have gained a reputation for their outstanding performance and reliability.

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/ The hot melting cake treated by the foam hot-melting machine has such a large function 

11/Jul 2023

FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam melting machine adopts the screw extruding compression principle, which has the advantages of small volume, small floor area, and electricity saving, good material discharge effect, and economic benefit.

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/ Novel chemical recycling method VS mature mechanical recycling method for polystyrene recycling 

20/Jun 2023

Chemical recycling technology expert Agilyx and its partners Technip Energies and Ineos Styrolution are using chemical recycling to recycle polystyrene. In fact, recycling polystyrene chemically is a relatively new technology, and many companies are currently trying it.

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/ PS Foam Crusher Machine to Panama Customer 

12/Jun 2023

On 8th June, 2023, FAMOUS MACHINERY Shipped 1set PS Foam Crusher Machine to Panama Customer.

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